Our consulting services business is carried out through Bangsawan Consulting

We bring the latest thinking in the world of corporate and financial planning when we provide consulting services to our clients. This ensures their objectives and requirements are considered, evaluated, planned and executed in the most efficient and effective manner.

Given our background and regional coverage, we bring to the table a vast network of stakeholders and counterparties across many countries and business sectors.

Our combined arsenal of knowledge in different industries and important business issues gained from our years in international consulting firms and financial institutions enables us to formulate strategies, structure corporate and financial matters, and to offer solutions. We have been known and recognized for inventing solutions, not just applying best practices – this is what sets us apart from the rest.


We assist clients to formulate strategies, optionalities and roadmaps covering areas ranging from corporate to financial matters as well as business and technology operations. Predicting, discovering and managing risks and opportunities are key to this aspect of our work.  We will work with you to understand your business operations and together, formulate enabling strategies to capacitize your company’s transformation and/or evolution.


We develop ideas and advise on corporate and financial structuring as well as digital and technology operations to enable our clients to deliver on their objectives. Balance sheet management, capital efficiency, cash flow control, corporate structure, tax planning, digital transformation and evolution are essential areas in developing and delivering a successful platform for your core business activities to thrive.


We offer solutions and work with clients to execute these solutions. Solutions are derived and based on the strategy and structuring that have been developed, taking into account business, legal, technology and corporate requirements. We will work with your other advisers when implementing these solutions, to ensure all focus areas are well-covered.

Strategy – Structuring – Solutions

We offer our clients a complete “door to door” consulting experience and deliver sustained results.  We also offer calibrated concentration on specific focus areas or situations, depending on our clients’ requirements.


Music Event Organiser

Cash flow planning and structuring funding requirements

Intellectual Property and Film Production Company

Business strategy, structuring corporate matters and preparation of information memorandum

Technology Application Developer

Balance sheet and cash flow management

Artificial Intelligence Solutions Provider

Corporate and financial strategies

Members Only Business Club

Corporate structuring and financing solutions

Media & Entertainment Conglomerate

Structuring and delivery of corporate solutions

Food & Beverage Business

Corporate structuring and shareholder matters

Trading Company

Business strategy and corporate structuring

Commodity Company

Corporate & financial strategies and shareholder matters

Crowdfunding Company

Business operational readiness, balance sheet and capital management

Multinational Food Brand Franchise

Business transition / evolution and project advisory

Integrated Purveyors of Specialty Coffee

Cash flow management and debt structuring

IT Systems Integrator

Business transition/evolution and management buyout

Co-Working Space

Business growth and
capital management

Wireless Technology & IoT Startup

Corporate and capital management

Specialized Procurement Company

Balance sheet & capital management

Coffee Tech Company 

Corporate and capital management

Media Marketplace Operator 

Corporate and capital

Full-Service ICT Solutions Provider

M&A with regionally listed IT conglomerate – Sell-side corporate / strategic support

Communications Technology Provider

Shareholder buyout

Corporate Services Provider

Project advisory and management